Research based on data and materials within ProBCI can be initiated and executed by (clinicians from) participating centers, as well as by external research groups.

For more information about clinical data and data on patient-reported outcomes available for patients included in ProBCI or about use of residual tissue for research, please contact the central study team.

Blood samples collected of included patients allow for analyses of genomic DNA, cell-free DNA and, for some patients, PBMCs. These blood samples are stored in the Radboud Biobank. The samples are findable through the catalogue of BBMRI-NL.

Research agenda

The steering committee of ProBCI initiates research based on data and materials in ProBCI. The research topics addressed by the steering committee will be published here at a later time. This overview will be updated over time.

Data and publication policy

The policy regarding data and materials requests and sharing will be published here soon.

Studies and projects

There are currently no sub-studies active within ProBCI.


Peer-reviewed papers:

  • Utilization of systemic treatment for metastatic bladder cancer in everyday practice: results of a nation-wide population-based cohort study (full text, .pdf)
  • Prospective bladder cancer infrastructure for experimental and observational research on bladder cancer: study protocol for the ‘trials within cohorts’ study ProBCI (full text, .pdf)

Conference oral/poster presentations:

  • Use of systemic therapy for metastatic bladder cancer in clinical practice: first results from ProBCI (poster presentation at IBCN 2019)